News: the concept of “carbon neutral” has strengthened, and national science and technology has risen by more than 16%

News: the concept of
On May 26, the concept of carbon neutralization was promoted and strengthened. By the time of publication, National Science and technology had surged by more than 16%, followed by Fujian Jinsen, pini test, Yuntianhua, Zhongtai chemical, etc. News side: the “1 + n” policy system of carbon summit is accelerating to surface, and the road map is gradually clear. Under the “two carbon” goal, the relevant central departments and local governments have stepped up efforts to strictly control the “two high” (high energy consumption and high pollution) projects and carry out a new round of investigation and clean-up. Industry experts believe that there is still an impulse for local governments to launch “two high” projects. It is suggested to promote the matching of new fixed asset investment with energy intensity reduction target and long-term “carbon neutral” target, and strengthen source control. On May 22, Shanghai Jiaotong University established the Research Institute of carbon neutral development and held the unveiling ceremony. The Forum on carbon neutral and green development was held on the same day. The event was invited